Over One Lakh Sts Excluded From Nrc: Rights Group

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The Rights and Risks Analysis Group (RRAG) has said that over one lakh Scheduled Tribe (ST)s who are the original inhabitants of Assam have been excluded from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) released on August 31.

“A preliminary survey states that about 25,000 Bodos, 9,000 Reangs, 8,000 Hajongs and thousands of persons belonging to other tribes have been excluded from the NRC,” said RRAG director Suhas Chakma.

“As per the affidavit filed by the Assam government before the Supreme Court in February 2019 with respect to the petitions filed for eviction of those whose claims of land ownership had been rejected under the Forest Rights Act, the government of Assam had stated that it rejected the claims of 22,398 STs under the FRA because of the inability to prove residency in the forest land prior to the December 13, 2005,” he said....

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