Go Green And Stay Fit: Meghalaya Bureaucrat Shows The Way

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The deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills in Meghalaya Ram Singh has emerged as a new face of inspiration.

This happened after photos of the young bureaucrat walking to the local vegetable market with a traditional bamboo basket strung on his back went viral on social media.

Singh has been walking 10 km to the vegetable market every week to encourage people of Meghalaya to find ways of doing simple exercises through simple life activities.

In addition he is sending a strong message of keeping the environment healthy and pollution free.

While sharing an image in Facebook showing him buying vegetables from a local woman in a vegetable market, Singh stated , “21 kgs of weekend organic vegetables shopping, no plastic, no vehicular pollution, no traffic jam, Fit India, Fit Meghalaya, eat organic, clean & green Tura , POSHAN, 10 km morning walk..”...

Photo - http://v.duta.us/N90f1gAA

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