Mercedes Annoyed😠 It Got Singapore GP "So Wrong"

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The Mercedes Formula 1 team feels "annoyance" after it got the Singapore Grand prix weekend "so wrong", according to team boss Toto Wolff.

Mercedes was viewed as the favourite at the downforce-reliant street circuit, but could only finish fourth and fifth with the two cars, missing out on a podium only for the second time this season.

This was despite points leader Lewis Hamilton starting on the front row and running second initially, the Briton ultimately losing out by making his sole pitstop several laps after his rivals.

Speaking afterwards, Wolff admitted the outcome of the weekend was "disappointing", and felt the team "didn't optimise what we could've optimised".

"I can tell you that we're all angry and we just had a little get-together with the engineers and the drivers and there's a general feeling of 'we got it wrong, we got it so wrong this weekend'," Wolff said.

"I think the mood that we all feel, and we all felt coming together, is just annoyance, that we just lost too many opportunities. There is nobody in the team that hasn't got that feeling."

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