"World 🌍Is Not Doing Enough," Says🔊 PM Modi at UN Climate Action Summit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the world was not doing enough to tackle the climate crisis, calling for "global behavioural change" at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. As part of its commitment to the cause, India will more than double its non-fossil fuel electricity target to 400 gigawatts, he announced.

"We must accept that if we have to overcome such serious challenge, then what we are doing today is not enough. What we need is a global behavioural change. India is here today not just to talk about this serious issue but to present a roadmap," he said.

Monday's announcement on the energy target goes well beyond the pledge of 175 GW that India had pledged as part of its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Eighty countries have joined India's solar alliance imitative, PM Modi said.

"India is launching a coalition for disaster resilient infrastructure. I invite all world leaders for this coalition," the Prime Minister added.

PM Modi noted that various efforts are being made by different countries to fight climate change and said what is needed today is a comprehensive approach which covers everything from education to values, and from lifestyle to developmental philosophy.

PM Modi was among the first set of speakers at the Summit's opening ceremony, a highly significant gesture given that only those heads of state, government and ministers are invited to speak at the summit who have any "positive development" to announce on climate action.

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