Ziyambi: No Need👎 For Security Sector Reforms

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Minister of Justice Ziyambi Ziyambi said there is no need for security sector reforms and the government of Zimbabwe will not embrace everything that the West brings.

In an interview with NewsDay senior reporter Blessed Mhlanga, Ziyambi insisted that the security sector draws its mandate from the Constitution.

He said:

I am very cautious of what you term security sector reforms. What do we need to reform about the security sector? Their mandate is in the Constitution, the Constitution gives them the mandate.

So you are telling me that we need to reform the Constitution?

… they are operational changes, not security sector reforms. You have to appreciate that there are certain things you change the way you are doing them, moving with times.

But what we do not believe in, as a government and as a party, is to embrace everything that the West brings to us. As a country, we look at the situation and say how do we move forward to ensure that the security of our country is intact.

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