Bark Is Launching Glossier🐶 Dog Toys❗️

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If you're a BarkBox subscriber, you already know that Bark dog toys are among some of the most absurdly adorable available. And if you're a makeup and skin-care lover, you know that Glossier has become one the most influential and coveted beauty brands on the planet in just five short years.

They may not seem like an obvious pairing, but if you love very few things more than beauty and dogs you can't think of a more delightful collaboration.

Bark has designed two plush toys to look just like two of Glossier's best-selling products, Balm Dotcom and Boy Brow. They're calling the toys Balm Dogcom and Toy Brow because they clearly know I'm a sucker for dorky wordplay. And if the names weren't cute enough, Toy Brow actually separates into two pieces — a tube and a wand — just like the actual product.

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