Pak🇵🇰 PM Issues Warning✉ Letter After 27 Ministers 👉Miss Deadlines: Report

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has started seeking accountability from his Ministers, as his office issued a 'red letter' to 27 Ministries over their failure to submit reports.

This is the first time that Ministries have been sent the red letters, which is a kind of final warning to the Ministers to act.

The letter is also meant to show Imran Khan's displeasure towards the working of the Ministries.

According to the notification from Imran Khan's office, the letter was issued on account of critical delay in completion of composite tasks assigned under the Prime Minister's directives.

The office has now given the deadline of September 9 to submit information on issues like vacancies and postings at every level in the ministries.

The letter called for details on officers who are worthy of promotions but have not been promoted.

It has also sought information on those government officers against whom disciplinary investigations have been pending for three months. Besides this, Imran Khan has also asked for details about cars, machinery and other items that are not being used by the Ministries.

It is being held that the red letter will factor into the performance report of the concerned Ministry and its Divisions.

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