Epic Games Store Adds 2⃣ More Free Games

Nothing beats the price of free, and while Epic has been causing quite a stir in the PC marketplace lately, it's true that the company has been giving out good games. That doesn't seem likely to stop anytime soon, either, as the store now has another two games that users …

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Pokemon GO Adds More Shadow Pokemon to Team 🚀Rocket PokeStops

Shadow Pokemon were introduced into Pokemon GO not so long ago. They were introduced alongside a mechanic that sees Team Rocket members taking over PokeStops and pilfering the items that PokeStops provide players when spun.

Initially, the Shadow Pokemon available were somewhat limited, but since then, the list has gradually …

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Destiny 2⃣ Details Big Changes to 💫Damage Buffs

Full details about how damage buffs are being nerfed in Destiny 2 Year 3 are now available. Developer Bungie has previously said that in Year 3, damage buffs would no longer be allowed to stack, but in addition to that, many of the damage buffs in the game are having …

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Days Gone Update Adds Syphon🔫 Filter Gun, New Game Plus Mode

As promised, Days Gone is preparing to give players a New Game Plus mode in its latest update on September 13th. In addition, the PS4 game will be getting two new difficulty modes, a few new trophies, some new cosmetics, and potentially a weapon from a different Sony Bend franchise …

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