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Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART), or ARV pills as you call it, is extremely effective. These drugs prevent multiplication of HIV in the body. Thus, they maintain the immune system and prevent progression of HIV infection to AIDS. ART helps patients to live a healthy and near-normal life. It is estimated that ART can add more than 40 years of life to a person who is HIV positive. The only requirement is that it should be taken regularly without any breaks. Effectiveness of ART requires about 95% compliance; meaning that the person taking it cannot miss more than 2-3 doses of medication in a month. It goes without saying that the lesser number of doses you miss, the better. The medication also needs to be taken at about the same time each day and at the prescribed intervals for maximum efficacy. Regular monitoring of viral load and CD4 counts are also required to ensure that it is effective. If one set of drugs does not work as desired, there are several alternate drugs available.

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