Bungie Reveals Destiny 2⃣: Shadowkeep’s Ability Updates, 💫Armor Sets

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Bungie started by announcing the buffs it’ll be making to some Guardians’ abilities.

For Nightstalker’s bottom tree, Way of the Pathfinder, the smoke bomb now makes all allies invisible and grants them a stack of the Heart of the Pack buff. This buff grants the players bonus stats, and offers increased weapon reload speed and handling. The invisibility also lasts eight seconds now, up from seven.

The abilities for Way of the Pathfinder feed into themselves as well. Dealing damage with a grenade reduces the cooldown of the Guardian’s melee attack, while making allies invisible grants grenade energy. The Moebius Quiver Super now does far more damage as well, dealing increased damage to already tethered enemies. Killing enemies trapped in the Shadowshot also grants the Heart of the Pack buff to nearby allies.

Shadowshot in general deals nearly double the damage as before, and now one shots enemy Guardians in PvP.

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