Johnny Depp Accuses 😠 Amber Heard of 'Masquerading' as an Abuse Survivor in New Paperwork ✍🏼

  |   Hollywood / Hollywoodlive

Johnny Depp wants all the details of Amber Heard's accusations in their ongoing legal battle to be made public.

"It would be grossly unfair to allow Ms. Heard - who has already disseminated to the media and the public as much defamatory material about her former husband as she could concoct - to now hide the objective facts that reveal her falsehoods behind an artificial wall of confidentiality," the filing reads.

The Protective Order Ms. Heard now seeks would perversely allow all these false and damaging public statements to stand uncorrected." Johnny previously sued Amber for defamation for $50 million after her Washington Post op-ed about being a domestic violence victim.

Prior to his marriage to Ms. Heard, no one had ever accused Mr. Depp of domestic violence.

By contrast, Ms. Heard was arrested in a Washington State airport, and spent the night in jail, for domestic violence against her former partner/wife witnessed by a police officer," the filing goes on to read.

"Ms. Heard has repeatedly violated since November 2016, falsely accusing Mr. Depp of abuse in an apparent effort to promote her acting career and masquerade as an 'abuse survivor' while damaging the reputation of her former husband." A hearing will take place next week.

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