Nintendo Files 👀Patent for Bending Joy-Con

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Nintendo has recently been attempting to improve its popular Switch console in a few ways. For example, a new, updated model with improved battery life recently released, and the Switch Lite, which is due to come out at the end of the month, will offer a pure handheld experience to those who play their Switch games on the go more often than at home. Now, Nintendo may be about to make another change, this time focusing on the Joy-Con controllers.

This information comes from the official Japanese patent database, where Nintendo has filed a new patent for a re-designed Joy-Con. Admittedly, the new design doesn't look any different from the current iteration, but it does offer one major difference.

As can be seen in the images, the new Joy-Con would have a hinge that allows the top part of it to be flexible. This might seem like a somewhat random thing to incorporate, but several fans have pointed out that this could be beneficial to players that have trouble with the standard Joy-Cons, thus make playing Switch titles more accessible.

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