Priyanka Chopra 💋 Goes Boho for Vogue's September Edition 🔥

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Priyanka Chopra-Jonas is on the cover of Vogue India for its September 2019 edition. And as the actress sparkles on the cover with a Boho style she also confesses of having a baby and buying a home in Los Angeles currently being on her to-do list.

The actress said, "For me home is wherever I'm happy, as long as I have the people I love around me. Buying a home and having a baby are on my to-do list."

In the cover story, the actress spoke about her journey from Bollywood to Hollywood, her plans to settle abroad and her upcoming movie The Sky Is Pink. She also added that she would never dare sing with her hubby and singer Nick Jonas. "We sing together in the house - he'll often play the piano while waiting for me to get dressed. But I would never dare sing with him. He's a bit of a musical prodigy," said Priyanka.

Priyanka, who keeps juggling between India and US, said she sees Los Angeles as a longterm option to invest in a home for Nick and her. The ocean and weather remind her of Mumbai.

She then talked about her upcoming projects, one which includes the pitch for a wedding comedy that has been picked up by Universal Pictures. "The story basically came from my wedding, where a bunch of Americans were exposed to this grandiose palace -- the food, the family, the culture, the clothes and the comedy that comes with it," she said.

"Everything that I am today or am doing in America, I learnt in India. I'm just showing a perspective of it. I taught myself confidence. I learnt it's what you do after failure that makes you a success," she said.

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