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Ask Didi: Horny Teens 😍?

(+234...8) asks do teenage girls want to have sex just as much as teenage boys😍?

The quick answer is no - most studies show that girls as well as women don't think about sex as often as men. Boys also start masturbating earlier and more often than girls. That doesn't …

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Ask Didi: G-strings😨?

(+254...1) asks dangers of g-strings😨?

While Didi has never considered g-strings particularly dangerous, g-strings do make you somewhat more vulnerable to infections since it's easier for bacteria to spread from your butt to your vagina along the string. If you have hemorrhoids, g-strings will make it worse. Obviously, don't …

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Ask Didi: Sex Ed 🤔?

(+263...1 ) At what age can children be taught about sex and relationships🤔?

Didi recommends talking to children towards the beginning of puberty, which may be as young as 9 for some children or as late as 13 for others. It all depends on the maturity level of the individual …

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