Ask Doctor: ART Longevity ⚕️🎗

+263...9 Doctor how long do you live when you are taking arv pills⚕️🎗

Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART), or ARV pills as you call it, is extremely effective. These drugs prevent multiplication of HIV in the body. Thus, they maintain the immune system and prevent progression of HIV infection to …

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Ask Doctor: Twisted Knee ⚕️

+277...0 Doctor when you have a twisted knee how to heal it⚕️

The first thing to do when you have a knee strain is to rest the knee. You must take weight off the knee. Immediately apply ice or cold compresses on the knee. It is advisable to keep …

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Ask Doctor: ART Side Effects⚕️🎗

+263...2 Doctor: Why most pple on HIV treatment have shrinking or deforming chicks and have hardened on their legs from knee dwnwards. What cld be the coz??⚕️🎗

All drugs have side effects. One of the side effects of Anti Retroviral Therapy is something known as lipodystrophy. In this, there …

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