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🐦 The Immigration Law Institute’s Christopher Hajec says, “The Supreme Court has to look st whether DACA is lawful. What they are looking at now is whether Trump’s recision of DACA is lawful. Must consider lawfulness of DACA itself. Looks very odd that President Trump doesn’t.....

🐦 ....have the discretion to end the program that President Obama began in his discretion. That program was unlawful to begin with. I think it’s very unlikely that the SCOTUS is going to issue an order reinstating what it believes is an unlawful program. DACA Is unlawful.” .....

🐦 ....President Obama never had the legal right to sign DACA, and he indicated so at the time of signing. But In any event, how can he have the right to sign and I don’t have the right to “unsigned.” Totally illegal document which would actually give the President new powers.

🐦 DACA will be going before the Supreme Court. It is a document that even President Obama didn’t feel he had the legal right to sign - he signed it anyway! Rest assured that if the SC does what all say it must, based on the law, a bipartisan deal will be made to the benefit of all!

Trump is claiming that if the Supreme Court decision backs his choice to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the program giving legal protections for young unauthorized immigrants, striking the program down, Congress will step in to protect them instead. The court will hear the case in November, in reaction to comments from Christopher Hajec, director of litigation for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, an organization that opposes unauthorized immigration. Trump announced that he was terminating DACA back in September 2017, arguing that former President Barack Obama did not have the legal authority to create the program by executive action. So far, courts have kept the program alive, shielding about 800,000 young unauthorized immigrants who came to the US as children from deportation and allowing them to keep their jobs. (from Vox)

🐦 I agree with [jimcramer], the Fed should lower rates. They were WAY too early to raise, and Way too late to cut - and big dose quantitative tightening didn’t exactly help either. Where did I find this guy Jerome? Oh well, you can’t win them all!

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Friday that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell should admit he was wrong to increase interest rates so aggressively last year, as the U.S.-China trade dispute was escalating, economic growth was starting to cool and the stock market was tanking. Cramer’s comments come less than two weeks before the Fed’s next meeting. The central bank is expected to cut rates later this month for the second time this year. Trump, who actually nominated Powell to lead the Fed, has been the chairman’s harshest critic, repeatedly tweeting that Powell should cut rates. (from CNBC)

🐦 Congratulations to [edhenry] and his sister on a great success. What a wonderful thing to do!

Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry returned to the network following nearly two-months off the air after he donated 30 percent of his liver to his sister, Colleen. He appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning to give viewers an update on his sister and thank them for the outpouring of support he received. olleen suffers from a degenerative liver disease. (from Townhall)

🐦 Great interview of Sarah Sanders by [foxandfriends]. She is a terrific person with a great future!

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made her first appearance Friday in her new role as a contributor on Fox News.

🐦 Our great [JudgeJeanine] has just written a book that will add to the tremendous success of her last number one best seller. It’s called, “Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge, The Left’s Plot To Remake America.” It is a FANTASTIC book. Go get it! [foxandfriends]

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, an ardent Trump supporter, hosts "Justice With Judge Jeanine" Saturday evenings on Fox News.

🐦 Larry Kudlow on [Varneyco] now!

Larry Kudlow is a White House economic advisor

🐦 The Fake News Media was fixated on the fact that I properly said, at the beginnings of Hurricane Dorian, that in addition to Florida & other states, Alabama may also be grazed or hit. They went Crazy, hoping against hope that I made a mistake (which I didn’t). Check out maps.....

🐦 ....This nonsense has never happened to another President. Four days of corrupt reporting, still without an apology. But there are many things that the Fake News Media has not apologized to me for, like the Witch Hunt, or SpyGate! The LameStream Media and their Democrat.....

🐦 ....partner should start playing it straight. It would be so much better for our Country!

Trump insists that Alabama could have been hit by Hurricane Dorian — despite government meteorologists saying otherwise. The president displayed a map seemingly altered with a Sharpie during a briefing Wednesday that showed the storm threatening the state. Even though the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center said there was no potential threat to Alabama, the president doubled down on his claim in several tweets. (from CBS News)

🐦 Great job by FEMA, Law Enforcement, First Responders, U.S. Coast Guard, and ALL! Keep going, we all appreciate what you are doing!

The [USCG], [FEMA], and all others, along with other countries that have been helping, have been asked to move people in the badly hit sections of the Bahamas to other sections of the Bahamas....

🐦 ....that were not hit – and that are in good condition. Any cruise ship companies willing to act as stationary housing, etc., I am sure would be appreciated!

Hurricane Dorian made landfall over Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Friday, battering the state's barrier islands -- the Outer Banks -- with torrential rain, ferocious winds and dangerous rising floodwaters. That led to roughly 800 people being stranded on the Outer Banks' hard-hit Ocracoke Island, where residents described the flooding as "catastrophic," North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said. At least four people have died in the Southeast as a result of Dorian preparations, according to The Associated Press.

By Friday afternoon and evening Dorian will move out to sea, but the storm is still set to bring heavy rain to southern Virginia. Even the Northeast will see impacts from Dorian when the storm grazes the coast with heavy rain Friday night into Saturday morning. (from ABC News)

🐦 The Economy is great. The only thing adding to “uncertainty” is the Fake News!

US employers added a modest 130,000 jobs in August, a sign that hiring has slowed but remains durable in the face of global economic weakness and President Trump’s trade war with China. The unemployment rate remained at 3.7% for a third straight month, the Labor Department said Friday, near the lowest level in five decades. August’s job gain was boosted by the temporary hiring of 25,000 government workers for the 2020 census. Excluding all government hiring, the economy gained just 96,000 jobs in August, the fewest since May. (from Los Angeles Times)

🐦 “China is eating the Tariffs.” Billions pouring into USA. Targeted Patriot Farmers getting massive Dollars from the incoming Tariffs! Good Jobs Numbers, No Inflation(Fed). China having worst year in decades. Talks happening, good for all!

Top-level negotiators are due to resume stalled talks in Washington early next month, with lower-level staff preparing the way in late September, according to officials on both sides. The face-off between the number one and two economies began about 18 months ago and now features steep tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of trade. Trump says he wants to force China into radical change on protection for intellectual property and other key aspects of the current trading relationship. (from AFP)

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