Grace Wanted ED To Visit Singapore🇸🇬 To Guarantee Her Safety - Report

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Former First Lady Grace Mugabe reportedly asked President Emmerson Mnangagwa to visit Singapore in former President Robert Mugabe's final days so that she will be given safety guarantees.

The Daily News cites its sources as saying that as Mugabe's health deteriorated, Grace wanted Mnangagwa to visit so that he would guarantee her and her children's safety after Mugabe was gone. Said one of the publication's sources:

In one of her calls, she was crying on the phone saying he (Mugabe) could no longer talk.

The former first lady wanted ED to be in Singapore and to also guarantee her and her children's safety after the death of the former president.

Of course, she was guaranteed of her safety but was told that it was not possible for ED to be in Singapore because he was seized with preparations for the World Economic Forum (Wef) on Africa.

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