Zimbabwe Will Be One Of The Fastest 📈Growing Economies Next Year If It Maintains Fiscal Discipline: Eddie Cross

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Economist and political analyst Eddie Cross has said if we maintain fiscal discipline, we will be one of the fastest-growing economies in 2020. Eddie was speaking at the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) annual conference held in Bulawayo last week when he said:

If we maintain our discipline and don't let ourselves be pushed off track in 2020 we will be the fastest growing economy in the world and we will maintain that growth for a time to come. More than one million homes have been built in the last decade through private funds, mostly Diaspora (remittances) and these funds can be used in other areas, such as healthcare.

If you have made Zimbabwe your home, you need to get involved. Our problems are our problems; if we work collectively to change what we can within our spheres of influence, believe me, our tomorrow will be better than today. We are not as poor as we think we are. We can do better in providing our people with good health care on a sustainable basis. The main thrust must be cost management, quality service provision and the use of modern technology.

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