Day After🚫 Cancelling Transfer of Kerala Nuns, ⛪Church Takes a U-Turn

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A day after revoking a transfer order issued to four Kerala nuns staying at a Kottayam convent with a colleague who was allegedly raped by Bishop Franco Mulakkal, the Jalandhar diocese of the Catholic Church today released a communique overruling the decision. The new letter stated that the transfer order still stands because bishops do not usually interfere with decisions taken by the Missionaries of Jesus' congregation.

"Even though the Congregation of Missionaries of Jesus is of diocesan right, the internal running of the Congregation is left to the General and her Council. The Bishop of Jalandhar does not normally interfere unless the overall interests of the Church demand such interference," the note said, adding that the order "to return to their rightful communities is not cancelled but stands".

This communique was issued by the Public Relations Officer Jalandhar Diocese Father Peter.

The letter also termed the action of the Mother General, who had issued the order, not as a transfer order but an "invitation to return to their rightful communities". The Jalandhar diocese also expressed its desire to see justice done in the courts.

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