Apex Legends’ Popularity📈 Revives Titanfall 2⃣ Multiplayer

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While Apex Legends has proven to be quite popular, some fans of the Titanfall franchise have expressed disappointment that Respawn has been working on a battle royale spinoff instead of Titanfall 3. However, it seems that the release of Apex Legends has actually been good for the Titanfall brand, as its popularity has directly correlated with an increase of players in Titanfall 2‘s online multiplayer modes.

As pointed out by ResetEra user Nefer, Titanfall 2‘s number of active online players has seen a bump across all platforms since the release of Apex Legends. The player count has more than doubled from about 1,500 on PC to averaging 3,400, whereas the number of active players on PS4 increased from around 2,000 players to almost 5,000.

The Xbox One version of Titanfall 2, meanwhile, seems to be enjoying the biggest boost from Apex Legends. Whereas the game was typically average 2,000 to 3,000 players, it’s now surpassed 10,000 active players. Of course, this is still a relatively low number of players compared to other big shooters, but since Titanfall 2 is a nearly three year old game that notoriously undersold, it’s still pretty impressive.

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