Katrina Kaif on Her Contemporaries Getting Married💍 📹: http://v.duta.us/vwkr5AAA

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Katrina Kaif has been a part of the industry for over a decade and has managed to hold to grip on millions of hearts with her charm, talent and her innocence. She's not just the beautiful face that we see, she's witty, funny and can sweep you away with just her look and a word.

In the next and final episode of Famously Filmfare S2, Katrina Kaif talks about marriage and being one of the only few from her generation to still be single, about getting used to the news lot of actors, Salman Khan, movies and finding love.

With so much to ask and so much to say, here's giving you all a glimpse of all the madness that is to come in the week.

Watch video here - 📹 http://v.duta.us/vwkr5AAA

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