Ask Didi: Marrying Across Religion ☪?

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(+2349...2) asks I'm engaged to a Muslim but am scared of getting married to him cause of his religion but he assures me everything will be fine what do I do☪?

A whopping 25% of the world population is Muslim, and most of them are perfectly good people (well, as good as humanity gets). However, if you are nervous about getting married to someone from a different religion or culture, address specific questions. Will you be expected to convert? What is involved in the process? Will you be living with his family? Are they more traditional than your fiance? Will there be certain expectations - going to religious services, dietary restrictions, dress code, participation in religious holidays, role in and outside the household? In which (or both) traditions/religions are you going to bring up your children? Observe his family and relatives. Are there any observations that make you feel uncomfortable? If so, take note and discuss before tying the knot!

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