Taemin Says He's the Only 1⃣ in SHINee Who Has Had a Fight👊 With All the Members

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Taemin admitted he has picked a fight with all the members of SHINee.

In a recent interview for his 2nd solo mini album 'Want,' Taemin is asked if he fought often with his members while dorming together.

Taemin replied, "Now that I look back, I think we fought a lot because we were sensitive due to lack of sleep. But we became closer through the arguments and I think that's also the secret to being a long-running group."

The reporter asked, "You look so innocent, but did you also have fights with the members?" Taemin answered, "Yeah. I think I'm the only one who has had a fight with all the members (laugh). I think we fought over the smallest things when we were young. My bipolar personality came out in front of my members. It must be because I'm comfortable around them. But then after fighting like that, I approach them first and ask them to have a talk with me on the roof, and I apologized."

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