Woman Goes Viral 🌍After Huda Beauty Powder Turns Her Face Purple Under🔦 Laser Tag Black Lights

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When Huda Beauty launched Easy Bake Loose Powder last summer, Huda Kattan called it a "game changer." She meant that it would help make the technique of makeup "baking" foolproof, of course, but for one Missouri makeup lover, it literally changed their game of laser tag by changing the color of her face.

Last Sunday, Amanda Whitrock went with friends to a local laser tag facility, her makeup set with a dusting of Easy Bake Loose Powder. And while her makeup looked lovely in most settings, her friends were shocked to see that once they got under the laser tag black lights, Whitrock's skin took on an intense reddish-purple hue. Luckily, they snapped a few photos, which Whitrock posted to Facebook with a friendly word of warning.

Easy Bake Loose Powder contains synthetic fluorphlogopite, which is often used as an alternative to mica in cosmetics. Studies have found it's perfectly safe — even the Environmental Working Group isn't worried about it — but because it contains fluorine, it may very well have fluorescent properties that become apparent under black light.

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