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Ask Didi: Born poor💸?

(+26...2) asks how can I be happy when I was born poor💸?

Money isn't the only form of wealth - it's possible to be happy even when poor if you have other forms of wealth such as a loving family and good friends. Having a goal and a plan, and …

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Ask Didi: Teenagers are not to be trusted😒?

(+26...3) asks teenagers are not to be trusted😒?

Most teenagers lie to their parents (but so do adults)! Some teenagers lie a lot more than others though, and it's important to be able to tell them apart. According to studies, parents are not very good at telling when their …

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Ask Didi: My lover is abroad ✈

(+25...4) asks my lover is abroad ✈ is that relationship worthwhile?

If you are very much in love, and you can see a future with your lover, then it's certainly worthwhile. Making a long distance relationship takes a lot of commitment - if you're not ready for such commitment, then it's …

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Ask Didi: Saying no politely?

(+27...8) asks if a boy asks u to a school dance 💃🕺 and u don't wanna go with him, how do u say no politely?

Here are some ideas. "Thanks, but I'm not interested." "I'm planning to go with friends this time." "Sorry, I already have a date/other plans …

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Ask Didi: Gassy

(+27...6) asks is it good for your health to hold in a fart🤔?

While holding in farts won't kill you (it will eventually come out anyway), the extra build up of gas could make you feel bloated and even cause pain if you hold it for too long. The …

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Ask Didi: Too young to diss

(+27...8) asks I'm 12 and guys diss me cause I'm too young😟!

While Didi knows that it's hard for the young to be told to wait, that's exactly what you need to do - don't worry, in a couple years, you may be having trouble keeping guys off of you …

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Ask Didi: Withdrawal Symptoms

(+27...6) asks haven't smoked 🚬 the whole day and I have a headache!

Your body is going through nicotine withdrawal, which can cause headaches along with many other unpleasant symptoms like anxiety, irritability, dizziness, and fatigue. If you are trying to quit smoking, the bad news is that the worst …

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