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Ask Didi: How to discipline your older sister🤔?

(+26...8) asks how to discipline your older sister🤔?

It's not your job to discipline your older sister, especially if you are still a child. Leave it to your parents. If your sister is in trouble, but your parents can't be relied upon, talk to your grandparents, other relatives, or …

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Ask Didi: Talk about school work 📚

(+27...4) asks is it appropriate to always talk about school work 📚 with those that are not interested?

No, it's never polite to force people to listen to things that they clearly find uninteresting (unless you are a teacher of course)! If you find that your audience is drifting away …

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Ask Didi: Liver donation💉?

(+27...4) asks does your liver grow back after donating it💉?

Yes, the liver grows back after donation, and most of the regrowth occurs in as little as two weeks after the donation! The liver is the only visceral organ that is able to regenerate - it can grown back to …

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Ask Didi: Dry end hair🤔?

(+27...6) asks how do I get rid of dry end hair🤔?

The best way to deal with split ends and damaged hair tips is simply to trim them with a pair of sharp scissors. It's difficult to repair split ends (you will need to get special treatment at a …

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Ask Didi: Is it okay for baby mama to destroy my marriage💔?

(+26...3) asks is it okay for baby mama to destroy my marriage💔?

While it is never good to destroy the happiness of another, you need to consider whether you should shoulder some of the blame instead of placing the blame fully on your baby mama. Unless the baby mama …

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Is a banana radioactive🍌?

(+26...8) asks is a banana radioactive🍌? Yes, but everything is radioactive, including our own bodies. Bananas may be a little more radioactive than other foods since they are high in potassium, but many other foods are high in potassium - potatoes actually have more potassium than bananas. Our bodies need …

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Ask Didi: Telling family you are pregnant🤰?

(+27...2) asks when is the right time to tell your family you are pregnant🤰?

For immediate family members, tell them right away as soon as the doctors confirm that you are pregnant. There is never enough time to prepare for a new baby! For extended family members (aunts, uncles …

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Ask Didi: Washing prevent HIV🚿?

(+27...4) asks can bathing your penis after sexual intercourse prevent HIV🚿?

No! In fact, the opposite is true. Studies have shown that washing your penis right after sex increases the risk of HIV infection in uncircumcised men. If you need to wash, wait for at least 10 minutes after …

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Ask Didi: Keeping nails healthy💅?

(+27...6) asks how do I keep my nails healthy💅?

Keep your nails clean and trimmed. Don't chew on them! Indulge in manicures and pedicures, if you wish, but leave your cuticles intact, and don't use harsh nail polish remover. Give your nails a rest once in a while. When …

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Ask Didi: BF just talks about sex😍

(+27...2) asks my boyfriend just talks about sex😍, is it wrong?

It may be a passing phase, especially if he is a teenage boy. It's not wrong for the short term, but in the long term, it could cause problems. Try different activities with him (other than sex) and …

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Ask Didi: Tricky GF😵?

(+25...2) asks my girlfriend left me yet she now claims she was testing me. What should I do😵?

Your girlfriend may have left you then changed her mind, or she may have been testing you as she says - in which case, she is insecure and manipulative. In either case …

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Ask Didi: Why say there's nothing wrong by saying nothing🤔?

(+25...4) asks why say there's nothing wrong by saying nothing when clearly there's something wrong🤔?

The problem may too personal - or the opposite - something that doesn't merit discussion with friends/family. Perhaps admitting something is wrong will open up a can of worms. Perhaps, he/she is feeling insecure …

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Ask Didi: England vs Britain 🤔?

(+26...9) asks is England and Britain the same country🤔?

The United Kingdom (more correctly, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) is a sovereign country made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is made up of the countries England, Scotland, and Wales.

So England is …

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Ask Didi: Multiple Dates😍?

(+27...4) asks why do people date multiple people at one time😍?

Different people do so for different reasons. Some people want to play the field (get more sex). Some truly fall in love with multiple people. Some people want to compare and contrast dates before narrowing the choice down …

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Ask Didi: Pain Revenge💔?

(+26...1) asks how do I make a girl feel the same pain I felt when she dumped me💔?

If you obsess about revenge, it will take longer for you to feel happier with your life. They say that what comes around goes around. Even if you are not the …

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