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Pluto Could Be Made Out of Millions of Comets

By examining its chemical composition, researchers have concluded that Pluto might be made up of comets. According to the currently accepted model, planets are formed by the gradual accretion of smaller objects - and Pluto, situated right next to the Kuiper Belt asteroid field, has long been thought to have formed …

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Giant canyons discovered in Antarctica

Scientists have discovered three vast canyons in one of the last places to be explored on Earth - under the ice at the South Pole. The deep troughs run for hundreds of kilometres, cutting through tall mountains - none of which are visible at the snowy surface of the continent. Dr Kate …

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Apple 🍎 Launches New Privacy Portal❗

Apple has today launched its new Data and Privacy website, allowing Apple users to download everything that Apple personally associates with your account, from Apple ID info, App Store activity, AppleCare history to data stored in iCloud like photos and documents.

This is currently only available for European Union accounts …

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Vivo’s Smartphone 📱 Teased for June 12th❗

Vivo is hosting an event in Shanghai on June 12th and, the invite points out that the event will “continue Vivo’s vision with Apex FullView Concept Smartphone.”

While that means we probably won’t get exactly what was seen at MWC, Vivo is clearly working to deliver something along …

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Hackers Infect 😱 500,000 Consumer Routers All Over the World 🌏

Hackers possibly working for an advanced nation have infected more than 500,000 home and small-office routers around the world with malware that can be used to collect communications, launch attacks on others, and permanently destroy the devices with a single command, researchers at Cisco warned Wednesday.

VPNFilter—as the …

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Pulsar Mapped in Unprecedented Detail

A team of astronomers has performed one of the highest resolution observations in astronomical history by observing two intense regions of radiation, 20kilometers apart, around a star 6,500 light-years away. The observation is equivalent to using a telescope on Earth to see a flea on the surface of Pluto …

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Astronaut took camera on spacewalk, but forgot SD memory card

An International Space Station astronaut took a GoPro camera for a spacewalk last week but forgot to bring any memory. “A question about the GoPro real quick,” asks astronaut Andrew Feustel in the video below. “I’m pushing the button I see a ‘no SD’. Do I need that to …

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'Rare' birth of live reindeer twins in Cairngorms

Britain's only free-roaming herd of reindeer has seen the birth of its first live twins. Previously, twins in The Cairngorms Reindeer Herd have been stillborn or died shortly after birth. The owners of the herd said live twins were "extremely rare" and they remained hopeful, but realistic, about the calves' …

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What Made Saturn’s Ravioli-Shaped Moons?

The odd shapes of Saturn’s inner moons, which resemble objects ranging from ravioli to potatoes, may be due to mergers of tiny moonlets, a new study finds. The new finding may help to explain how moons, in general, may form, researchers said in a new paper describing the work …

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Facepause ⏸ that Pauses Youtube Videos 📹 when You Look Away 😱

There has been an experimental FaceDetector API within the Chrome web browser since version 56 that can automatically detect when someone is looking at a webcam. Now, the developer who created FacePause has found a way to use the API to automatically pause YouTube videos when you look away from …

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